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Marian Dioguardi - 10 Things

5 Things You Should Know about the Artist

  1. Gets caught up with colors and chaos; will paint anything that the muse tells her to paint. Marian's motto is : Listen to the muse or she'll walk away and talk to someone else.
  2. Went door to door in her East Boston neighborhood selling her drawings for a nickel at the age of four.
  3. Loves dogs and cats and can't make up her mind which she likes best.
  4. Finds her comfort zone in cooking and eating Italian food, Italy, and collaborating with her inventor husband in their Villa garden.
  5. Worked teaching, in undercover investigations, buying and grading gemstones and diamonds, managing a jewelry design studio, directing operations of an electronic company; these are some jobs she did before painting full-time in 2002.
Food for painting, cooking or eating

5 Things You Should NOT Know about the Artist

  1. Loves the Three Stooges, cartoons and blockbuster movies. She judges entries into the Boston Science Fiction Festival
  2. Prefers to read science fiction, mysteries and Twitter.
  3. Afraid of boring people with nerd talk about technique, materials, mediums, paints and pigments. You get the idea.
  4. Gets carried away anytime she hears anything by Joy Division. She won't tell you that she loved to go dancing at Spit.
  5. Flips between Apocalypse Now and Repo Man as her favorite of all time films. She's considering adding Black Panther in that mix.
first grade
Grade-A Art Award in First Grade!

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