Oil Paintings of
Color Light Life

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Not So Still Life

The cups of my cup paintings are not empty but rather they are full of anticipation, color and light. The fruits and vegetables in my refrigerator are more precious to me than jewels in a vault. I paint the these Not So still life paintings to glow, shine and sparkle with life.
- Marian Dioguardi

The Buoy that looks like a Narwhal

A Bunch of Buoys

The Buoys on the Dock

Crazy Color Buoy

Little Green Buoy Study

Messy Buoys

Old Buoys

Proud Buoys

Up Close and Personal with the Buoys

Irresistible Things from Mings

Strange Brew

All Settled In

Cavolfiori Colorati alla Siciliano

Limoni alla Siciliano

Not Pretty Buoys

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