The Changing Artwork

Artwork, Stage (n) Photograph of the actual still life set up
Artwork, Stage (n) Line drawing in graphite on a grey painted panel
Artwork, Stage (n) An under painting value study
Artwork, Stage (n) The first painting session with color
Artwork, Stage (n) A little more progress
Artwork, Stage (n) More advanced changes
Artwork, Stage (n) Finished

These simple objects and places celebrate comfort. Whether painted to monumental scale or intimate size, the bold presentation of the subjects belies their unassuming origins from back yards and thrift shops, kitchens and sheds. These are objects that nobly yet unobtrusively serve.

The paintings are painted with bold intensified colors; colors that can be felt as much as they can be seen. Using oil paint, pallet knife and panel they are painted directly, clearly and decisively. Because I was trained, as a child, to frost my mother's party cakes the pallet knife is a comfortable tool for me. Painting is still an expression of celebration.

On first glance these paintings may appear simple and cartoon colorful. They are in fact, developed through extensive preliminary thumbnail sketches, drawings, studies and observations. The process between the initializing flash and the graphic expression of that essential moment is a long and thoughtful one.

Every painting is completed after the physical presence of the subject is gone. It is in those final moments the memory resolves its self into the celebration of its being

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